Year End Recap

Live Release Numbers

 2021 January – June Statistics 
Adoptions: 346         Return to Owner 63   Transfer 28

Total Out of Shelter:   437

As defined by the ASPCA Live Release Rate is Calculated with the following formula:

Live Outcome divided by All Outcomes

January – June 2021 Live Release Rate For the CNY SPCA 

Live Release Rate:     94%


Owner Surrender:           159

Stray:                                 160

Seized through Cruelty:   138

Service In:                             6

Transfer In:                          13

Total In:                               476

The Year 2020 presented numerous obstacles for all of us.  In March of 2020, New York State shut down due to the pandemic we were facing.  From March 15, 2020 to April 15, 2020, the CNY SPCA shut down completely for adoptions as we formulated a plan to do adoptions in a manner that would keep our staff safe and healthy. 

Since April 2020, our adoptions have been by appointment only.  We have several challenges when it comes to fully opening.

  • Our hallways are too narrow for staff to walk side by side, hence, no six feet distance.  The logistics of adding in foot traffic to staff and volunteers is proving difficult.  
  • Our cat rooms are too small for more than one person to be in
  • There is absolutely no way to disinfect every surface that may have been touched by visitors.

Some things we learned from 2020:

  • Although appointment only has been difficult, less foot traffic made a huge difference in the stress level of our animals here. Our dogs and cats have been quieter and more content during the day.
  • Dogs that people would have passed by because of barrier aggression, found loving homes because adopters saw them outside of the kennel first.  
  • Our less socialized cats were able to decompress more quickly without a lot of people coming in and out.  This fact allowed them to find homes quicker because staff and volunteers got them used to interaction with people.
  • Cat upper respiratory issues were greatly reduced due to the fact that visitors were not putting fingers in cages.  
  • Our return rate is less than half of what it had been.  We believe the reason for this is that we are getting to know families through email and telephone conversations BEFORE they come in to meet a dog, cat, or little critter.  The matches being made are based on lifestyle and companion personality. 

Cruelty cases didn’t stop during 2020.  During the month of March we dealt with two different cat hoarding cases totaling over 70 cats.  In late August and September, over 30 dogs came in from one location.  In October, 102 rabbits came in from one home.  We had three memorable cases:  Charlie, a young dog that had been thrown from a second story balcony.  Charlie was in a cast for several weeks as his young bones healed, and he found a loving forever home.  Chase, a five year old pit mix who had untreated demodex mage and a horrible wound over one eye.  After several months Chase found just the right match and went home.  Arya, a beautiful pit mix who had been horribly mutilated.  One ear was totally shredded and had to be rebuilt and her upper jaw had been broken in two places. She needed a dental specialist to repair her jaw.  Arya was a hard one to find a home for because she had to be an “only pet”.  After many months here, Arya finally went home.  All told we had almost 400 animals come in through our cruelty department during 2020… 400…. and there are so many more waiting in the wings.

Donations during 2020:

The year 2020 was a difficult one for all non-profits.  We were unable to hold our two biggest fundraisers and that put a large hole in our finances.  We held several smaller virtual fundraisers during the year and are thankful for those who supported us.  

We owe a huge thankyou to Staffworks for going forward with their “Save A Life” Campaign at the end of 2020.  Their support and the support of our donors was amazing. With your help our total donations for that campaign were $93,861!  Thank you!

We were the recipients of the NYS Companion Animal Fund Grant which allowed us to have a new roof put on the entire building in April 2021. 

We need your help to continue our mission here in Central New York.  We handle animal cruelty for 16 towns in Onondaga County, all of Madison County and all of Oneida County.  Please consider a gift to help us continue being a voice for the voiceless in Central New York.