Live Release

Live Release Numbers

  2019 Statistics 
Intake 1,453

Adoptions: 1,104
Return to Owner 181
Transfer 106
Total 1,391  Out of Shelter

Spay/Neuter for the Public 428

In 2019, an estimated 107,800 animals entered shelters and rescues in New York state alone.  The CNY SPCA took in a total of 1,453 animals in 2019.

Here at the CNY SPCA our main goal with our stray dogs and cats is to return them to their rightful owners. 

 Of the 304 stray dogs that came in, 171 were returned to their rightful owners.  Of the 292 stray cats that came in, we were able to find 10 owners.  

We took in almost 600 animals through our cruelty department. Some of those animals spend months with us because they are not immediately signed over or their court cases linger for months. During those months, they are lovingly cared for by staff members here, and when they are finally able to go into their new homes, it is a bittersweet goodbye.  Many of those animals are ill when they come to us, and the cost of medications, (anitibiotics, heartworm treatment, shots), has skyrocketed. 

 One hoarding case in the fall of 2019, was a case with sixty-nine animals.  Of the sixty nine,10 were heartworm positive, and others had been exposed to Parvo.  With love, medical care, and socialization they were adopted into homes where they are safe and loved.  

We need your help to continue our mission here in Central New York.  We handle animal cruelty for 16 towns in Onondaga County, all of Madison County and all of Oneida County.  Please consider a gift to help us continue being a voice for the voiceless in Central New York.