Guest post: Vincent Hill – Pet Hair Patrol

How to Get Rid of Pet Hair at Your Home

If you own a furry pet that sheds, you know how frustrating that persistent pet hair can be. It seems to cling onto everything: furniture, drapes, bedding, clothes – you name it! And not only does it seem to grasp every upholstered surface like there is no tomorrow, but it also gets wafted into the air landing on basically anything and everything.

Most pet owners struggle to get rid of loose pet hair, and at, our aim is to help you find the perfect solutions to win the never ending battle against pet hair.

We love our pets, but we don’t like how pet hair invades our home making it look messy. Don’t worry, with these three tips you can have a pet hair-free home:

1.    Invest in a good pet hair vacuum

The best way to wipe out that pet hair invading your home is to have an efficient and powerful vacuum cleaner designed to remove pet hair from all surfaces. The key is that you want that vacuum to have powerful suction and just the right tools and attachments that allow it to adapt to all kinds of areas and surfaces.

You will have to decide which type of vacuum fits your need the best and to make sure the vacuum is equipped to deal with pet hair. If you need help choosing, you can find a comprehensive buying guide here.

With a handy and practical vacuum that is easy use, you can keep that pet hair from building up and keep your home fresh and clean at all times. The supply is not running out, so you need to have the perfect tools to help you win the battle.

2.    Groom your pet

As I just mentioned, the supply of pet hair is ongoing, and there is no way for you to keep your pet from shedding. It’s normal and actually very healthy for your pet to shed – when the shedding is not excessive!

However, there is something you can do to keep that pet hair from being wafted all around your home. To minimize the cleaning you need to do, you should brush your pet at least once a week – even daily if it’s shedding season. 

Brushing your pet’s coat will grab all that loose hair before it falls out and ends up on your floor and furniture. 

3.    Stick to a routine

Brushing your pet and vacuuming your home are the best ways to keep that pet hair at bay – but you have to do both regularly. The best way to do this is to have a convenient and lightweight vacuum that is always at hand and a suitable brush within arm’s reach. 

By giving you vacuum a quick spin of just a few minutes every day, you will avoid letting the pet hair accumulate. Not taking care of upkeep vacuuming will cause your home to look untidy and yourself needing to do massive cleanups during the weekend. If you just use a few minutes every day and stick to a routine, you will always have a clean home, and you never have to spend an entire day cleaning up.

The same goes for brushing your pet. A couple of minutes of brushing every day while watching the tv will make your life easier. You can avoid those tangles and mats and keep your pet’s fur shiny and healthy – while also making sure that pet hair ends up in the trash before it ends up on your couch.

These are the three most important pieces of advice you need to follow if you want to get rid of pet hair in your home. Have the right equipment and stick to a routine, and you will easily wipe out that pet hair!

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